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Getting Your Kids Safely Out of the Car

Koala Mama Koala Mama  Follow May 17, 2023 · 1 min read
Getting Your Kids Safely Out of the Car
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As a first-time parent, so many questions ran through my head. Now going from one to two, I have more questions like “how do I pull both out of the car safely when I am by myself?” Who do I get out first?” “Where do I let them to stand?” I wish I had figured this out before I gave birth, but my suffering is your gain! I had NO idea but the solution was way more organic than I could have ever imagined.

These are the 3 simples ways that work best for me, and I hope they help you:

  • Keep in contact. I get my oldest out first then have her come with me to the other side of the car. When we are having a good day, I let her stand on either side of me (her choice), but she has to keep one hand on me at all times. This option is great because I can physically feel her and know she is close without having both eyes on her. If we are having a not so good day, she goes in between me and the door. This way she is trapped and cannot run or jet.
  • Park by a cart return bin. You will be able to unload your cart and get your kids into the car with ease.
  • Stay calm. My little feeds off my energy, especially when we are out. If I stay calm she will typically be calmer and listen better.

We all know toddlers can be runners. There may be moments when you won’t be able to drop everything and run after them. These three simple tips will help you avoid a runaway kid, especially in a busy parking lot.

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