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Things I Did to Avoid People Asking Me to Hold My Baby

Koala Mama Koala Mama  Follow Apr 29, 2023 · 1 min read
Things I Did to Avoid People Asking Me to Hold My Baby
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  1. Baby wear!!! This means slings, pouches, backpacks… Honestly it’s amazing!!! And the more kids you have, the more acceptable it is.

  2. The sit with us. Put a blanket down and sit with the baby on the floor so they can play. When someone approaches with that “I-want-to-hold-your-baby look,” just say “oh hey, sit with us.” It’s very effective. It’s about riding the wave, not fighting it.

  3. The poop change. Thanks to the poop machines, I can use the “oh let me change him/her,” then circle to another group afterward. I also don’t let anyone change my kids either other than my husband and me. Sensing a pattern? Like I said, you do you. Listen to your good judgment.

  4. The “we tried.” If my kid cries when someone is holding them I 100% take my kid back, especially if they say “no, it’s ok - babies need to cry.” The next time they ask to hold them I just say “no, it’s okay.”

  5. The practice makes perfect (don’t hold my kid). Once they start walking, my go-to is “they need to practice, you can walk with them and make sure they don’t fall.” This is especially effective with those older kids that want to start picking them up.

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