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Travel with Me! The Secret to Eating Out on Vacation with Kids!

Koala Mama Koala Mama  Follow Nov 13, 2023 · 1 min read
Travel with Me! The Secret to Eating Out on Vacation with Kids!
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For over 10 years, I juggled two jobs: one (often) in hospitality and another in restaurants. Though not always glamorous, it taught me the inner workings of kitchens, dining, and related business operations. One of these lessons was the dirty secret of childrens’ menus. Rarely tasty, high-quality, or healthy, it is usually a “money grab” for restaurants. The kids’ menu at even the best restaurants are simply not healthy or worth the price.

Whenever my littles ask for a certain food, I find the equivalent on the adults’ menu. Whether it’s pasta, chicken, or fish, I will order from the adults’ menu, knowing those will at least be cooked to order and not preservative-packed boxes of $2 mac ‘n cheese or pre-battered, frozen chicken/cod.

Plus, ordering adult items means plenty of leftovers.

A previously frozen hamburger patty for $20 on a California kids’ menu? No, thank you! I will always pay the extra for a $30 wagyu burger on the adults’ menu.

Take a look next time you travel! I think you’ll find it’s almost always worth the extra dollars to feed your littles better, higher-quality food.

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