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Postpartum Purchase Regrets

Koala Mama Koala Mama  Follow Jul 26, 2023 · 3 mins read
Postpartum Purchase Regrets
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I was a proud daughter of a single mother. Hand-me-downs, reuse, and thrifts stores were not choices, they were necessitives in my family when I was growing up. But, I never felt like I lived “without.”

I think my “paycheck-to-paycheck” upbringing as a child influences my lifestyle choices as an adult. These days, I am fortunate enough to be able to choose “frugal living” and enjoy life modestly. Other friends in my neighborhood, who grew up in similar low-income households, choose the opposite, living the lavish luxury-brand life with Teslas galore. Diversity is the spice of life!

This is why I get super annoyed with all the crazy, unhelpful products pushed at expecting mothers. If it wasn’t already hard enough, all the maternity products are marketed as “MUST HAVE’s.” How are first-time mothers supposed to know what they actually need?

Well, I am here to share my purchase regrets, what I never used, and popular items that do not make sense.

List of my “DO NOT BUYs”

  • Postpartum tummy belt - I struggled with my pregnancy weight and back pain/weakness, so I purchased a pregnancy belt, thinking it would help both challenges. My husband and I did the research to find one that had excellent reviews and spent a little more to get a “must-have” belt. It was so uncomfortable! Both of my children hated the feeling of it, so I had to take it off while they were nursing. It was a whole lot of annoyances and none of the benefits. Not worth the money.

Adult diapers for postpartum bleeding - They gave me the postpartum underwear at the hospital for the residual bleeding. At home, I simply got maxi pads for use with witch hazel (to make “padsicles”), just in case there was tearing. I never used a single one.

Peri rinse bottle - For both vaginal deliveries, the nurses gave me a “goody bag,” which included a squirt bottle (perineal lavette irrigation bottles). As long as you can bend your trunk/upper torso, you will be fine without the fancy Peri rinse bottle. Mine was never opened and lives in its box until someone I know has a kid.

Breastfeeding caddy - It’s really not needed. If you have that much stuff, you will probably be overwhelmed when you need something anyways. Have your baby, your “emotional support” water bottle and a boppy pillow, and you will be fine!

Breast vibrator (to sooth clogged ducts) - There are times when your breasts hurt so bad that you’ll want to cry. I can’t imagine having a motor wirring around when they are sensitive. I used a hot cold compress that could be be microwaved. Massaging it into the area with the desired pressure would clear up the clogged ducts for me. I recommend being preventative than reactive! If you feel like a clog is starting, massage with a hot compress - don’t wait. Plus, they’re often FSA/HSA eligible, too.

Stool softeners - After the delivery I had a bit of a “log jam,” but instead of buying my own I was automatically prescribed them. With my insurance, it was even cheaper than over-the-counter (no prescription).

Vaginal soaks and sitz baths - Honestly, all I wanted was a real bath or shower - not just a “vagina bath.” With all the bleeding, the witch hazel pads were the perfect pain reliever (plus the pain meds the hospital gives you). Still, if baths are your thing (they’re not mine), it’s great for relaxation as long as there are no healing wounds.

Advil - The hospital prescribed the appropriate pain meds and gave me some to take home.

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