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Postpartum Kit Breakdown - Buy or Not?

Koala Mama Koala Mama  Follow Aug 02, 2023 · 5 mins read
Postpartum Kit Breakdown - Buy or Not?
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One of the most common things I see on my friends registries are delivery/postpartum kits. But, are these packages actually worth the price tag? Here is a price breakdown of one of the most common (spoiler: most are not worth it). With all my friends, I try my hardest to talk them out of these big ticket items. Find my alternative recommendation below!

Frida Mom kits seem to be on every expecting mother’s registries. So I have selected the Frida Mom Labor and Delivery + Postpartum Recovery Kit to share my breakdown.

First, this kit is around $100 (ok, $95.55 before tax on 8/2/23) on for 8 items (15 pieces of things). So, we expect each separate item purchased separately to be more than $12.50 (for an overall average) - right? Turns out, the prices don’t add up.

postpartum kit

Delivery+nursing gown: My hospital gave me a breastfeeding gown to wear in the hospital. I also purchased a dress on that was good for pregnancy, delivery, and nursing - perfect for day-to-day comfort wearing. Personally, I feel it is a lot cuter and costs only $26 on I was able to wear it for both of my pregnancies and still wear it around breastfeeding.

Travel essential bag: These pretty much only fit what comes in the kits. Let’s be honest, you probably already have a bag or will need a bigger one to put additional items.

The following items your hospital will likely give you

Upside down peri bottle: the hospital will give you a peri bottle. It may not be upside down but will work just fine.

Disposable postpartum underwear: you will get a stack from the hospital, and the 5 that come in this pack will not get you far. By day three postpartum, I was back in my normal period underwear. (I used these black one for pregnancy postpartum and through my second pregnancy)

Labor and delivery socks: the hospital will give you as many pairs as you would like. You can use them and toss them, because neither the pair in the kit nor the hospital ones will be keepsakes or lifetime treasures.

Instant ice maxi pads: you will continue to get more while you are in the hospital and can ask for more to take home. After the first day, I did not need these, so I actually have extras from both of my pregnancies. If you have extras - keep them. They are great general-purpose icepacks.

Perineal cooling pad liners: the hospital will give you witch hazel pads that are pretty much the same thing. Again, if you go through all the initial ones, you can ask for more on your way out of the hospital.

Perineal healing foam: If you have a bad rip, ask your hospital for additional witch hazel pads before you are discharged or buy a bottle of witch hazel and make your own pads. I asked for extra with my second and they gladly handed over two additional packs which got me through my post party journey. If you like the spray, I used

Postpartum kits are tempting because they are marketed as a quick, “essential,” “everything you need” item for all mothers. But, you can get higher-quality items in greater quantities for less!

Save your money by creating and tailoring your own “postpartum kits” by purchasing, separately.

Send me a message or leave a comment, if you have questions.

And remember, you can do this ladies!

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