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Oops That Just Happened - The Puppy Jumped Into the Trashcan.

Koala Mama Koala Mama  Follow Aug 16, 2023 · 1 min read
Oops That Just Happened - The Puppy Jumped Into the Trashcan.
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My oldest was gifted a dog toy that walks, barks, and interacts with my daughter. I soon realized this dog was a “honeypot toy.” You know the one: a toy that seems like a good idea and draws you in, but it only gets you stuck and resenting it daily.

Well, the dog lived to bark, pant, and fart at random for the first few months, enjoying the beautiful days with my daughter. We tolerated the incessant noises wherever we went, because my daughter brought it EVERYWHERE with her. At night, my husband and I would trip over it and cringe at the barrage of farts.

I waited for my daughter to lose interest and would hide it behind her many other toys. But, sure as the dog would fart, she found it every day. What I would have done for an off button!

So, last night, I took drastic action and tossed it in the “scary,” auto-open trash can. The little dog had let out its last bark, fart, and head waggle - or so I thought. This morning my oldest overcame her fear of the trash can and went to toss something in. I heard the cute dreaded words: “oh no, puppyyy…” Internally, I cringed, but externally, I immediately said, “oh no, puppy he must have jumped in last night!” Now puppy is back in rotation and all hope seems lost. It seems displacing this terror from our family is impossible and my son, husband, neighbors, and I will never escape the dog farts. I need a hero!

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