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Happy Mother's Day

Koala Mama Koala Mama  Follow May 14, 2023 · 1 min read
Happy Mother's Day
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Dear Mama,

Thank you for walking beside me as I started my own journey of motherhood.

Thank you for being there as my life has grown and changed.

Thank you for forgiving my flaws and being patient when I was pregnant and hormonal.

Thank you for being there when we went through highs and lows during my pregnancy.

Thank you for being there to celebrate with us when we brought both our beautiful babies into the world.

Thank you for being open to talking about vaginas, c-sections, the tough moments of breastfeeding, the true postpartum journey and most of all, reminding me to give myself grace while recovering.

Thank you for sharing your advice and wisdom without force or a must follow requirement.

You have guided me through the reorganization of priorities and helped me not stress over things no one will remember in a year.

You have been there to pick up every phone call, to talk me through tough moments, to be my biggest cheerleader and supporter. As a Wonder Woman, you have not only done all these things for me but you have extended your unconditional love to my kids and my husband.

Mama’s come in so many different ways, some you birth, some say goodbye too soon, some adopt you, and some support you. Most of all, all moms must choose to love you.

Thank you for choosing to be a mom to me!

XoxoKoala Mama

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