Baby Black Box safeguards nurterers’ insights on life’s amazingly common but surprisingly unique experiences.

How Baby Black Box Was Born!

The idea to record my “fresh father learnings” came from my friends. They asked me to write up a shared doc of things I have learned in my new journey. Being one of the first in the group to take this life changing step (of going “full sea horse,” the best of nature’s fathers), I reluctantly obliged. However, being neither pleb, nor peasant, I wrote this “share-all blog” instead - public and open to everyone. Anonymity protects and let’s me be honest.

This is my experience, and I hope you find it helpful, amusing, and supportive. Yours will probably be different.

If you are a parent and want to share, apply to be a parent writer! We make it easy. You don’t have to be good at writing, because our parent team will keep your thoughts “seecret” and edit the post for you. You just need to be an honest parent (we hear sharing can be helpful for parents)!

Why Black Box?

Black boxes are emergency information storage devices on planes that live record audio in the cockpit and important information in the flight - just in case. These online “live” posts are baby black boxes of real parents on their journey, shared just in case it’s helpful.

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